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About NOVANITEK/TITAN Pump Jacks Inc.

NOVANITEK, Inc., was formed by NITEK Electronics, Inc. which was established in Dallas, Texas on October 12, 1993. NOVANITEK® Group has several offices and factories in mainland China which coordinate and manufacture oilfield equipment.

TITAN Pump Jacks, Inc., is the marketing subsidiary of NOVANITEK® Group in China, which manufactures all sizes of pumping units and gear reducers, including Beam Balance, Crank Balance and Energy Saving type pumping units.

triplex Plunger Pumps oilfield motors sucker rods power tong land rig Sucker Rods Elevators Wind Generator Nature Gas Engine

NOVANITEK® is an Oilfeild equipment low price leader. Our products include API Pumping Units, Oilfield NEMA Motors, Triplex Plunger Pumps, Oiler Pump, Vacuum Pump, API Sucker Rods,Wind Generator and Parts, Drilling Rig, Rig Components, Rig Handle Tools, Power Tongs, Elevators, Slips, Electric Submersible Pumps, API Tubing and Casing, Natural Gas Engine & Generator Sets, High Pressure Vessel & Tanks, Refinery Equipment, Mud Pumps, API Drill Bits, Valves, Pressure Gagues,Belts, Fuses ets.

The company principle is to deliver the best value product to meet customer needs. In the past we distributed thousands products to the US stores. Now, we are glad to introduce the first retail store in Wichita Falls, Texas.

Our brand "TITAN Pump Jacks" is well recognized in North America. Our products have been sold to US, Canada, South America, and Africa. We are actively seeking oilfield equipment dealers to market our "TITAN pump Jacks" product to the rest of the world.

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