TITAN API Drill Bits

API drill bits API drill bits 1
API Drill Bits
Titan tri-cone roller bits have two major components, the body and the cones. The cones
can contain either milled teeth or tungsten carbide inserts (TCI). The milled tooth bits
have teeth machined into each of the cones, while the TCI bits have tungsten carbide inserts
pressed into the cones. All Titan drill bits are manufactured to IADC (International
Association of Drilling Contractors) specifications.
The Titan milled tooth bits have forged teeth with thick deposits of high-density premium
tungsten carbide hardfacing for superior wear resistance and toughness. The roller bearing
system can handle a high rotary drilling rate.
The Titan tungsten carbide insert (TCI) bit has different tooth shapes and heights for
different rock formations. The bearing assembly has a copper inlaid housing and silver
plating to guarantee maximum load capacity and guard against heat seizure while prolonging
bit life. The Titan TCI teeth can be ordered in chisel or conical style as needed for
your drilling requirements.

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