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About Us

NOVANITEK®, Inc., was formed by NITEK Electronics, Inc. which was established in Dallas, Texas on October 12, 1993. NOVANITEK ®Group has several offices and factories in mainland China which coordinate and manufacture oilfield equipment.

TITAN Pump Jacks, Inc., is the marketing subsidiary of NOVANITEK® Group in China, which manufactures all sizes of pumping units and gear reducers, including Beam Balance, Crank Balance and Energy Saving type pumping units.

Our Energy Saving type pumping units ( U.S. Patent 6,450,050) are widely used in China’s oilfields. The main advanced feature is saving energy. This type of pumping unit can save from 10% to 25% consumed power during operation. Also, our Energy Saving Pumping Units feature advanced design with better balance, simple structure, light weight, easy assembly and reduced delivery cost.

In the past we have sold thousands of our Gear reducers, normal Pumping Units, and Energy Saving type Pumping Units exclusively to the domestic market in China. Due to the proven reliability and success of our products in China, we are now marketing our oilfield products here in the U.S..

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